Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I'm Pretty Sure The Conversation Went

Nixie: Hey Ripples

Ripples: Yeah Nixie
Nixie: These diapers totally come off.
Ripples: The hell you say.
Nixie: Yeah. Just pulled those tabs and bingo.
Ripples: Well, I'll be.
Nixie: And look. There's this stuff inside. Like play-doh. Brown play-doh.
Ripples: Really spreading that around aren't you.
Nixie: Well, I was just kind of smearing it all over the bed, kind of an abstract art sort of thing, but then I thought, hey, if I smear it all over myself, then I'm the art! Sweet, eh?
Ripples: Uh... yeah.
Nixie: You want to be art? Lean over here.
Ripples: I'm good thanks.
Nixie: You know the sad part? When dad sees this I bet he's totally not going to appreciate either the ingenuity or the subtlety that went into it.
Ripples: Nixie-
Nixie: That guy wouldn't know art if it crapped on his bed.
Ripples: Nix-
Nixie: He's such a moron. And you know what? Frankly, I find him smelly. Just plain smelly.
Nixie: Ripples? Don't you think dad smells?
(Long beat)
Nixie: He's right behind me isn't he?
(Ripples nodding)
Nixie: Well, Dad, I guess it's out now. I'm dropping out of pre-pre-pre school to be an artist, and I think you smell. Now pick me up. I want you to experience my work.

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