Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Shakes

We shoot a show in two weeks that still doesn't have half of its cast. Everyone assures me this is totally normal. I find it mildly terrifying and have developed a nervous shake that has more than once caused people in a room with me to look up and ask if we're in the midst of an earthquake.

The shake may have more to do with my diet than stress. Left to my own devices I eat like nine year old. I've had only donuts and monster during daylight hours this week and last night I literally fell asleep eating cookies in bed. This morning I woke up and discovered a stray cookie under my pillow which I then ate for breakfast. The recession seems to have eliminated the easy access to all things gummy and red vine that being on a studio lot once offered, which is probably for the best. Any more sugar and I'd resemble a meth head with British teeth.

I have a new phone that does things that new phones do like allow me to show pictures and videos of my children to people who I barely know. I've been doing this a lot. Perhaps I have done it to you? I'm the shaky guy with a half eaten pack of donuts begging you to watch my girls ride bikes. At first the technology seemed like an obvious win, but now I feel like there was something to be said for a phone that just made calls. Being able to talk to the people I miss made me feel closer to them. Being able to pull them out of my pocket and watch them dance somehow makes me miss them even more. Progress? Let me get back to you on that.

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