Monday, May 5, 2008

Take One And Call Me In The Morning

Sorry for the layoff from posting, but Amy and I have decided to split up.

This is not a divorce but part of our new divide and conquer strategy. We're not sure if it's a good idea. We haven't slept in two weeks. We're not even sure what year it is.

The new plan is to have Amy stay downstairs with one baby, and I'll stay upstairs with the other. That way the babies can't wake each other up and we'll get up to an entire two hours between feeding our individual baby.

So wait, I'd only have to take care of one baby?
Well, yes, but it means that after barely ten months of marriage we won't even be sharing the same bed and who knows when-
I'll start moving my stuff.

Two weeks in and we're idolizing single parents. That's how things are going.

I've also been armed with some sort of new swaddling blanket for idiots. Apparently mummifying your baby makes it sleep but I lack the fine motor skills to complete the task. When I give Christmas gifts they look like they've been in a bar fight with wrapping paper and scotch tape. My current swaddling efforts usually look good, and then you go to put the baby in the crib and discover that the bedsheet, burp rag, pacifier, and cat have all been somehow tangled up in the wrap. It's not so much a swaddle as the aftermath of a blanket based tornado. Needless to say this has not helped them sleep.

We have no idea if any of this will help. If it doesn't we're screwed. All my other ideas involve getting the cats to raise one of the twins.


Downs said...

Hey brother, Love the blogs. The trick s surviving. And uhh not having twins...., both difficult tasks. But you are Kyle. For Kyle, the only way is the hard way. And Dr. Amy, although a little challenged by all this will soon make you believe that breast feeding two at one time was a miniscule feat compared to the juggling she will accomplish. I have no doubts. I can't. Since I am about to have a daughter myself and I am currently in negotiations with her father for what we call at this house,"The Amy Blueprints." Hang in there. You are both amazing.

TwoBusy said...

Alternate strategy: shift sleeping. One of you goes on kid duty from 9/10pm until 1-2am; the other one takes over from then until 7am(ish). When you're on duty, you're busy. When you're off, you're in another part of the house getting 4+ hours of contiguous, uninterrupted sleep.

Just a thought.

mr. kyle said...

Downs - Many thanks.

Twobusy - we've talked about that, but honestly we have trouble going one vs. two with them at this point. Maybe we're doing something wrong, but when they gang up on us we usually say uncle withing 20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Those ready-made swaddles are rubbish. Take one plain moses basket sheet, rectangular. Lie the baby on the long edge of the sheet, head above the edge.

Take the left (as you look at it) top corner and bring it firmly across the baby's right arm and under their left arm and tuck under smoothly.

Take the right (as you look at it) top corner and perform the reverse action, across the baby's left arm and tuck under.

You will be left with a tail of material. make sure it's straight then tuck it under their feet.

Unless the baby is built like BA it cannot wriggle out. It really helps - the ready made wraps just don't go tight enough and the material's too stretchy.

At about 6 moths you can start swaddling them under the arms to wean them off it.

Good luck, and I'm sorry to hear you and A are not able to sleep in the same room.

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