Friday, December 25, 2009


Mars Bar,

We should probably talk about your middle name for a minute. I thought I was over Mojo, but it's been keeping me up at night. I think it's keeping your mom up also, but only because she hates it so much. I may have used up all my crazy points on Mars.

Your sister Nixon was supposed to be Nixon Bear Killen, and when I say supposed to be I mean that it was her name for the five seconds between when I thought of it and when your mom shot it down. Then we somehow settled on Jones as her middle name until your mom got cold feet in the final days and out of nowhere assigned her Campbell. One of my life's big regrets, along with thinking I could wear my mom's shoes to school and no one would notice, is not having fought harder for Bear. I feel like if I don't land you Mojo you're going to end up a Ted or a Tom at the last second.

Your mom's pushing Kyle in an attempt to appeal to my vanity. She doesn't seem to understand that I don't really have a lot of fondness for the name. She obviously doesn't remember that the Kyle I know wore women's shoes to 8th grade.

So the leading non Mojo contender seems to be Cooper. It's a great name, it just feels a little overused. I bet there's ten Mars Coopers in your first grade class. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm going to fight the good fight, but I'm a pretty crappy fighter (see above note about my footwear choices). Fear not, if I can't land it for you we'll just have another one. Little Mojo Bear Killen. It's going to be hell trying to find you guys gift shop license plates.


itstartedwithawindmill said...

Yay for Cooper! It's number two to Major, but still fetching. The protag in my last script is named Cooper. But he lives in his parents' driveway in an Airstream and flies a fake UFO over a lake at night. (Started that one before Falcon the balloon boy)

Bob Killen said...

Hey I love Kyle but I guess if you associate with Mom's shoes there might be room for improvement. I vote for Cooper-- but you know as long as its not, "Hey You."

Dawn Farias said...

I may have used up all my crazy points on Mars.

As a mother married to a man who chooses names not quite unlike Mars, I'd have to say: yes, you've probably used up all your points.

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