Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Irony Of Working On A Show About A Guy Living Two Lives

I'll level with you. My brain went oatmeal on me somewhere around tuesday. I haven't been sleeping alot, and there's at least ten other things I should be doing, eleven if you feel that paying your taxes is important, so you'll have to forgive me if this entry starts to feel more like a letter from a mental hospital than the work of someone paid to arrange words into sentences.

Let me just start by saying that I love my freaking job. I've never been happier to be tired. I wake up from four hours of sleep literally dying to get to work. Except for the night I had some awful Chinese food and woke up literally dying to get to the bathroom. In the past two weeks I've watched incredible actors bring characters and words to life in ways I could never have imagined, had the surreal experiencing of scouting my own hometown for locations, and been invited to a straight up HOLLYWOOD celebrityfest simply because I was dressed so poorly I made the person taking me look good by comparison. I know it's all too good to be true and too fun to last, and every day I'm surprised when I'm not hit by a bus.

However, being a weekend dad, or sometimes fraction of a weekend dad, sucks. Every time I get picked up from the airport I feel like the girls are a foot taller and less sure who I am. I get tears in my eyes when they don't want me to touch them. I get tears in my eyes when they give me a giant hug. I more or less just walk around teary eyed. I used to wonder if I would ever be able to summon the thoughts to cry on camera. Now I'm confident I could be there in about 30 seconds.

Amy has been heroic, as have our parents who now essentially live on our dining room floor. They do all of this so that I can can play pretend with an incredibly talented bunch of strangers. How do you say thanks for that? Fruit basket? Vacation home? I'll ask my assistant.

I don't really have an assistant.

Although, if anyone out there is dying to organize my taxes...


Michael said...

Just think though... if you happen to be accepting any awards whatsoever this time next year you will have full justification for acting like the Italian guy that made "life is beautiful" no?

itstartedwithawindmill said...

Did you know they sell Starbursts in only the red colors? It's too appealing to be fair. I lived in LA for 2 yrs when I was 2. I remember it being hot and having lots of fire engines.

jfa32 said...

I'm thinking vacation know, one your friends could take advantage of also.

Attorney that took the north route to Colorado said...

At least you realize that being a dad is your greatest accomplishment. You are a great father and you have beautiful family. I know they are very proud of you. Besides I make a living ligating the effects of bad dads, trust me when I say you are not one of them. Be proud of all your accomplishments.

Dawn Farias said...

Bless your heart. And all your ladies'. And your parents.

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