Sunday, August 3, 2008

Annus Mirabilis

One year ago today Amy's brother, ordained by the Internet, stood in the shadow of the Tetons and declared us eligible to file a joint tax return. To celebrate this anniversary we started out day by making a pot of coffee without actually remembering the pot and then spent the rest trying to coax a bowel movement out of a constipated baby. It was just like those anniversaries you see in the movies.

But as 12 month periods go, I'd be hard pressed to imagine a better one than this. Granted, 2007 kind of plowed into a concrete wall at the end, but 08 has been everything I could ask of a year ending in my favorite digit.

All of which is beside the point since part of our agreement when we decided to get married was that I didn't have to start the anniversary count over. So while we did manage to enjoy a fine meal to mark the passage of 365 days since committing ourselves in front of friends, family, and a spiritual humanist, our real anniversary remains October 4th. Long before there were invitations, cakes, or Kuub games, there was a simple dinner with the most amazing person I've ever met and I knew I was ready to start the meter on the rest of my life. This has certainly been an amazing year, but assuming she doesn't come to her senses in the next two months, it will just be the icing on a ridicilous decade.

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